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Eternal MM M-Series Set

$ 124.00

The M Series 12 Bottle Set by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau. This set features a range of colors which were formulated by Devries & Rosenau for portrait work, realism, and monochromatic tattoos. With the recent popularity of gray scale saturated tattoos, the M Series includes 6 pigments designed to provide an fantastic addition to your pallet. This set provides both warm and cool tones that are offered in light, medium, and dark ranges to give the perfect blend. The M Series also features portrait tones designed to complement each other. Mixing them on-the-go will give you amazing results for your skin tones as well as for other elements of your work.

The Colors included are: Warm Light Gray, Warm Medium Gray, Warm Dark Gray, Cool Light Gray, Cool Medium Gray, Cool Dark Gray, Rich Medium Flesh, Rich Dark Flesh, Off White, Rich Turquoise, Perfect White, and Perfect Black.

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