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Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only

Black Dental Bibs - Adenna

by Adenna
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Unique Black color Lap cloths/dental bibs are great companions to Adenna Black color gloves for tattoo Body art artists. The cloths feel soft, yet are made strong to prevent any accidental tearing. Adenna Lap cloths/dental bibs are made of two layers of paper bonded together, plus a layer of poly film to provide a layer of water resistance. This ensures that they're great at absorbing liquids, ink, or any moisture. Additionally, the surface of each cloth has a horizontal embossing that helps prevent liquid or moisture from spreading onto clothing or other surfaces. 

  • Black color lap Cloths mask ink, blood better than lap Cloths of other colors
  • Versatile for many Functions during tattooing or for Use as cover at the workplace
  • Good absorbent for liquid, ink and moisture and the poly film provides a water resistance layer
  • Packaged: 125 bibs in a bag, 4 bags in a case (500 bibs per case)
  • 13x18