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Workhorse Irons Deluxe Metered Power Supply

$ 385.00

Deluxe Workhorse Metered Power Supply

After years of research and testing, workhorse is very excited to release their new Workhorse Power Supply!  Very industrial and basic on the outside, very modern and high tech on the inside with all the proper components a metered supply needs for accurate read outs and clean, consistent power.

- Workhorse Olive Green Powdercoat finish
- Provides Volts, Hertz, Duty, and Amp Readouts on a Color Coded Analog Meter
- 2 Programmable pre-set options plus a Constant On
- Will work with all Coil and Rotary Machines
-110 V US electrical plug or 220V EU electrical plug
- Clean and Consistent Power
- Weighing in at 4.5 lbs
- 8.25" X 4.25" X 5.75" Steel Body
- 1 Year Warranty

No corners were cut and no expenses spared, these power supplies are made of the highest quality parts and components. Built to last and MADE IN THE USA.

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