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Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only

WIPE OUTZ™ XL Sterilized Dry Towels 10 pack

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Color: White

Wipe Outz PREMIUM XL White Tattoo Towels

For Professional Artists & Tattoo Enthusiasts to use During and After Tattoo Sessions. 

The most important tools are in your hand! 

Our Premium XL towels are now in an extra-large size that is the size of a standard paper towel. This new large size is a feature that artists have been asking for. We listened to your feedback and are stoked to now offer this new bigger size.

These tattoo towels are sterilized, convenient, and ready to use! Just tear open the pack, lay out what you’ll need on your clean station, and you’re ready to go! 

Wipe Outz™ leaves no residue or lint, which means no more clumpy needle clogs from paper towel residue! 

Wipe Outz™ Dry Tattoo Towels are ultra-absorbent, soft and durable, non-toxic, biodegradable, latex and alcohol-free. Wipe Outz™ premium material lasts much longer than traditional paper towels. One pack goes a long way! 

Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo towels are specifically engineered with both the client and artist in mind! 

Sterilized. Strong. Soft

  • Gamma-Sterilized 
  • A Painless Tattoo Wipe
  • Premium, Long-Lasting Material 
  • Highly Absorbent 
  • No Paper Residue, No Lint 
  • No More Nasty Needle Clogs 
  • Soft & Durable 
  • One Pack Goes A Long Way 
  • Less Irritation and Redness 
  • Clients will Feel the Difference 
  • Convenient for Shop and Travel Use 
  • Faster Setup/ Pack to Travel Quicker & More Compact 
  • Biodegradable / Vegan / NO Animal Testing 
  • Promotes Better Tattoo Healing

"Clean Tattoos Heal Better." ~ Mike DeVries