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SuperJuice 3

$ 45.00


Dermal Source Numbing Pain Relief – 4oz Super Juice 3 (SJ3)

Super Juice 3 is designed for use both before and during pain sensitive procedures. There are three active ingredients – Lidocaine, Tetracaine, and Benzocaine – that work together for a fast-acting and powerful anesthetic without any burn on broken skin. Super Juice 3 can be used before a procedure to prepare the skin and remove other pre-deadener anesthetics in place of alcohol or soap as well as during the procedure to keep an ongoing anesthetic effect once skin has been broken. It can also be used to dip jewelry in prior to inserting in fresh piercings.

Please note that Super Juice 3 is safe for all procedures, except for eyeliner, and will hold its effect for up to 1 hour. Please view the PDF below for product information and suggested application instructions.


  • Size:  4oz
  • Active Ingredients:  Lidocaine HCI 4%, Tetracaine HCI 2%, Benzocaine 12%
  • For use before and during pain sensitive procedures
  • Can be used in lieu of alcohol or soap to remove pre-deadener anesthetics, prepare skin, or dip jewelry in prior to insertion
  • Keeps skin numb for up to 1 hour
  • For external use only on intact and/or broken skin; not suitable for eyeliner procedures
  • Price per one 4oz bottle


  Super Juice 3 Topical Anesthetic Product Information and Instructions

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