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Cory Rogers Speedball Liner

$ 325.00

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Cory Rogers Speedballer Liner with newly updated frame design featuring a Custom Swing Gate Vise guaranteed to lock down tight on any tube, disposable or steel!

- CNC Cut Iron Frame
- Standard Workhorse Red Oxide Finish
- Blackened Swing Gate Vise with and Internal Spring for ease of use
- Black Workhorse Hardware
- 1" 8 Wrap Mini Coils
- Quick Speed with a Solid Hit 
- Great for Smaller to Medium Sized Groupings
- Pushing 3's to 9's easy
- Running 145 to 155 Hz @ 6.5 V Unloaded
- Weighs 6.4 oz

*For those that might be wondering, Speedballer are now built by Cory Rogers as part of SOBA's partial machine retirement! Same quality, care, and performance the Speedballer has always possessed, just built by another one of our highly qualified builders.

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