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Eternal Ink Silver 50 Color Full Set

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We have always been willing to listen to feedback from our customers and the results are colors that you actually want to use!  Not a partial set of great colors with the rest sitting on your table drying up. We are constantly using your feedback to give you the best, boldest & brightest colors available anywhere! Now we have one of the biggest selections to choose from!

Colors include: Gray, Caramel, Brown, Dark Brown, Deep Red, Crimson Red, Dark Red, Lipstick Red, Light Red, Orange, Bright Orange, Golden Yellow, Sunflower, Bright Yellow, Lightning Yellow, Ochre, Avocado, Grass Green, Lime Green, Jungle Green, Spearmint, Graffiti, Nuclear Green, Olive, Green Concentrate, Mint, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Peacock, True Blue, Periwinkle, Dark Cobalt, Blue Concentrate, Lavender, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Purple Concentrate, Wild Orchid, Plum, Magenta, Light Magenta, Dusty Rose, Hot Pink, Tangerine, Pink, Flesh Tone, Georgia Peach, White, Triple Black, and Lining Black

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