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Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited(wireless)

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Sol Nova Unlimited Wireless Pen-Style Rotary Tattoo Machine in Black by Cheyenne

The creative possibilities are unlimited with Cheyenne’s first-ever wireless pen-style rotary machine: an upgrade to the much-loved Sol Nova. With wireless efficiency and all-new intuitive features, your artistic vision is devoid of any distractions.

The Sol Nova Unlimited comes with all favored features that have become hallmarks of Cheyenne machines: quiet operation, adjustable needle protrusion, and a broad frequency bandwidth for any tattooing style. Adjusting the frequency doesn’t get any easier than the press of a button. Simply press the machine’s one and only button, tilt down to decrease, and tilt up to increase.

Aside from this super-simple 1-button operation, you can also count on the Sol Nova Unlimited to operate reliably for a minimum of 5 hours. Plus, the wireless battery pack only takes 3 hours to charge. Two batteries are included with your purchase, along with a power cable for charging up, which makes for a total of at least 10 hours of efficient tattooing.

This game-changing machine is also much more intuitive than former models. It features two operating modes: steady and responsive. When in steady mode, the Sol Nova Unlimited operates at an even speed without any give; it delivers a consistent, hard hit. When in responsive mode, the frequency and hit of this machine intuitively adjusts to whatever surface you’re tattooing.

As well as being intuitive, this machine is adjustable to your preference. Enjoy adjustable give of 0mm up to 4mm, just like with the original Sol Nova.

This listing is for the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited in Black. Power up on unlimited efficiency, increase your intuition, and focus on your vision without any distractions today.


  • Net Weight: 152g; 184g including battery
  • Machine Length: 125mm
  • Machine Diameter: 33mm
  • Frequency: 25 Hz–140 Hz
  • Takes 3 hours to charge (at 5v and minimum 2A)
Runs for upwards of 5 hours (minimum)
  • Features 2 operating modes: Steady Mode (hit/frequency: constant) and Responsive Mode (hit/frequency: reactive)
  • Steplessly adjustable needle protrusion (0mm–4.0mm)
  • Stroke Length: 3.5 mm OR 4.0mm 
  • Continuous, quiet, and gentle operation
  • Brushless DC motor

Key Features:

  • Durable, wireless machine with pen-like design
  • Wireless operation allows for free movement
  • 1-button operation and motion control
  • Flexible and lightweight for every style
  • Works as a liner or a shader
  • Effortless to cover and protect
  • Efficient cartridge change and replacement
  • Compatible with Cheyenne power supplies or standard power supplies
  • Compatible with Disposable Grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round - the hygienically and safely packaged disposable grips
  • Cheyenne protective case, 2 batteries plus charger, and power cable included with purchase
  • Manufactured in Germany according to medical standard (ISO 13485); certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

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