We only sell to Professionals!

Chad Williams Tattoo Machines

$ 375.00

What more can we say about Chad Williams custom tattoo machines. They are punchy, fast, and not for the faint of heart. No amateurs! Shaders are snappy, efficient, smooth, and and thorough color packing machines. Liners are smooth, crisp, snappy lines that are easy at your optimum speed setting.

Each machine is handcrafted and aligned to its optimum precision. So much heart and soul went into these custom machines that he had a hard time parting with them to offer them to You!  Chad will keep it custom, all the time, and we are honored to be distributing his machines. Not just a friend, a machine builder, and one hell of a tattoo artist who tests all his machines to his specs. It’s blood sweat and tears for this builder! No need to get his machine and tweak on it. Run with it for a minute and we know you will love the way it is set up.  

Each machine has been battle tested for at least a month to insure its precision. That’s true American dedication! He didn’t just serve his country, he is serving the industry to keep its integrity! 

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