We only sell to Professionals!

Why Coalition Tattoo Supply?

Artist founded, we understand the perils of looking for quality products from multiple vendors and the time it takes to order and delivery times from a multitude of companies. Shipping can get pricey. Save time, save shipping costs, save your peace of mind.

What kind of shipping options are there? 

FedEx and if you are on one of our routes the Coalition Tattoo Supply Van. 

What areas does the van cover?

Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Call or email us to see if we can have the van stop by.

What's up with the van?

A completely stocked tattoo supply shop on wheels. We have taken great care in outfitting each van with quality products. 

What is Pre Ordering?

Email or Call in your order if you are on one of our established routes. Preordering gets a price break as opposed to just ordering same day off the van.

What is the cut off date for Pre Ordering?

For Portland area shops the cut off is Tuesday by 8pm,for the greater Seattle area get your preorder in 24 hours in advance. This not only saves you money it also guarantees it will be on the van with your name on it.

What if you do not carry a specific product I want or need? 

Call us!