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Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only

True Grips II - Grooved

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True Grips II ensures the most comfortable, ergonomic experience that a tattoo artist can have while working! Multi-Level, Eco-Friendly, Memory Foam Disposable Grip Covers provide maximum control and comfort while tattooing! True Grips II work great with "Original" True Tube & any other 1" stainless or disposable tubes! True Grips II have both recessed and raised grooves for maximum grip control and hand comfort while working, to help prevent degenerative issues caused by everyday tattooing. True Grips comfortably widen the artists grip on the tube and minimize damaging vibrations caused by machines and tubes in the tattoo artist's hand. They also help to extend an artist's career by helping prevent carpal tunnel, numbness in the thumb and fingers, unwanted finger calluses and many other issues caused by every day tattooing with tubes. Stop wrapping your steel and disposable tubes with paper towels, gauze, medical tape and more. True Grips are an easy solution to get the results you are looking for with an incredibly comfortable grip, all while having the luxury of being disposable. Give them a try today, your hands deserve it! PACKAGED 25 GRIPS PER BOX.