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Licensed Professionals Only
Licensed Professionals Only

Face Shield - Blue trim

Original price $ 6.49 - Original price $ 6.49
Original price
$ 6.49
$ 6.49 - $ 6.49
Current price $ 6.49
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most manufacturers have resorted to "spot pricing" and we are seeing mfr. cost increasing daily. Our purchasing department is navigating in these strange times and actively looking for great sources at resonable prices. We are doing our best for you guys! Lets reignite the tattoo industry together. With that being said, your rates may need to accurrately reflect supply cost in todays world, so don't hesitate to consider PPE supply fees for your clients. We want to keep it real with you - We can't speculate or know when things will level out with mfr. cost, when the whole world has become a PPE customer.