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The Nucleus Battery Packs

$ 350.00 $ 175.00


The Nucleus is the worlds first patent pending completely adjustable wireless power supply. It is completely independent of foot pedal or docking bases. The Nucleus Weighs in at only 1.7 oz and has a run time of 8-16 hours when used with a Hard Life Rotary!! With 27 output adjustments you have full control of power just like a conventional power supply, starting from 4v and going all the way up to 12v. They come in a two pack so you get 16-32 hours of tattoo time. Say goodby to your cords and welcome to the future of tattooing !!


Nucleus Directions:

  1. Turning your Nucleus on and off: Hold down the left button

  2. Changing the Voltage: Left button will turn voltage down, right button will turn voltage up. A Voltage cheatsheet will be provided with your Nucleus.

  3. Charging your Nucleus: The recommended charger cord and block is Android. When your Nucleus is charging, at the top left of the screen there will be a blinking light. When this light is solid your Nucleus is fully charged. A full charge should take around 2.5 hours.

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