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TattooCalm CBD Oil

$ 22.00

TattooCalm is a calming tincture for clients before they get tattooed. We have all had those clients that refuse to sit still. We can all relate with the anxiety associated with getting tattooed and now there is a sublingual alternative to OTC medications that when used properly will take the "edge" off without any harmful pain-killers.

TattooCalm is 100% bio-available and has no lame full-spectrum claims and has no hard metals in its processing. We use the best the Northwest has to offer in CBD flower that is lab tested at harvest and once again once it is processed in the Modern Medicinals lab. We use the purest of fractionated coconut oil in its base and your client will never have to gag on other alcohol based tinctures that other companies use in processing.

We packaged these tinctures in small carry in your pocket sized vials so your client can bring it to their tattoo appointment.

We strongly recommend taking a whole dropper under the tongue and holding it there.  This is known as sublingual.  Most of the bioavailable CBD will absorb after 30 to 60 seconds.  Simply swallow what remains.

We suggest starting with 2 times a day and adjusting from there.  Some tattoo sessions you might need more (or less) CBD.  We also recommend increasing the frequency of the dose rather than increasing the dose amount itself.  In our experience, a full dropper 1-2 hours before a tattoo session and one at the moment you start to tattoo works most effectively. Some clients like to keep the dosages up every two hours while getting tattooed to maintain a relaxed state of pain-management throughout larger sessions.

Another crucial trick to alleviating redness and controlling swelling is to apply a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a dropper to artist ointment(s) used during the session. This works exceptionally well and is much more cost effective than other Tattoo CBD glides on the market.

1/3oz (10ml)

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