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Licensed Professionals Only
Licensed Professionals Only

Bowers Strongarm Armrest

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$ 350.00
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The Strongarm is a revolutionary arm rest design. It is the newest addition to the Bowers line of engineered products. The Strongarm is made in the USA out of thick steel and powder coated with exterior grade powder. It clamps to any central piston chair and is easily adjustable from side to side, up and down and also telescopes in and out. The top pad angle is adjustable in every angle and locks easily in place. It keeps everything off the ground allowing you to get as close to your work as possible without any obstacles to push against or pull against. The Strongarm also moves with the chair when you move the chair. As you work around the tattoo you can move your chair side to side and up and down and the Strongarm moves with the chair position so you don’t have to stay stationary or drag an arm rest around as you work. Every convenience of using this arm rest is hard to list, you truly need to use it to expirience it for yourself.