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Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only
Free shipping on orders $300+. Licensed Professionals Only


Coalition Tattoo Supply was founded by two seasoned tattoo artist that understand the real problems of tattoo supply ordering. Serious artists should stop swimming through an ocean of chinese products, that require 3-4 suppliers to fulfill their needs of quality. At coalition we take the guess work out of the equation, and give you back your time. We only team up with the best to provide you the best.

At Coalition, we cater to the Northwest Tattooist with the best tattoo supplies the industry has to offer. If you reside in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Eastern Montana we will bring our mobile shop to your door monthly (or weekly, if you request.)

Coalition Tattoo Supply will give you back convenience, time, and quality. We stand behind every product we offer. We don’t deliver products to you until we have tested the supplies in our  own tattoo studio. We have a very proven method of testing, evaluating, and putting our professional approval on everything we offer you, the artist.

We look forward to servicing you…..

Welcome to your new supplier - Coalition Tattoo Supply!

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