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Glove Market Update

We know there are many of you still very confused as to glove allocations and climbing cost, so we want you to be informed.

As the worldwide demand continues to far outpace the global capacity there is a strain on manufacturers ability to increase production of gloves. Our ability to acquire gloves is proving exceptionally hard each month and we may not see this imbalance improving through 2021. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in glove costs and our mfr. costs change without notice almost every week. We hope all of you can adjust your own rates to incur the climbing costs of PPE.

Let me help break down the specifics of what is happening overseas. The increased demand for nitrile gloves has created a shortage of the base chemical NBR, with some of the producers having to shut down operations for short periods due to supply shortages of raw material. As a result of the nitrile shortage, many producers are converting nitrile production lines to latex, which has increased latex production, yet this increased latex production will put a strain on the availability of base rubber. This pandemic is putting strain on supply chains in all industries but we can pull through this together.

As always we appreciate your understanding and support as we work together during these challenging times. Keep rocking it, and on the daily wash your hands frequently, keep your distances, and wear and wash your mask properly!

Coalition Crew

October 01, 2020 by Derek Youngberg